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Tvilat Kelim

For information about which items require tevila, see the Star-K guide. We also have a copy of the guide at the mikveh for your convenience.

If you have questions, please contact your local ordained Rabbi.

Mikveh Bess Israel offers two options for tevilat kelim. 

  1. DIY Tevilat Kelim -- Schedule an appointment to come toivel your kelim yourself. Appointments can be made on a Monday or Wednesday (times?)

  2. Concierge Tevilat Kelim -- drop off your dishes to be toiveled by a member of our team. 


Fill out the appropriate form below. 

Schedule a time for tvilat keilim:

  • Upon appointment only

  • 15 minutes per appointment

  • Sunday/Tuesday  9-2 (Dropoff)

  • Monday/Wednesday 9-2 (pick-up)

  • An individual can schedule a time to immerse their own dishes by contacting our director, Jen Klau (860-419-5175,  


  • The suggested donation for DIY is $1/item, capped at $36

  • The suggested donation for concierge service is $36 flat fee and an additional $1/item if exceeding 12 pieces.


  • The individual is responsible for removing all stickers, tags, and other garbage from the dishes and cleaning up the space after use

  • There is no access to mikvah towels for tvilat kelim. Please bring your own.

  • Must use the provided crate in order to protect the mikveh from small or broken parts. 

  • No body parts other than hands/arms may enter the mikvah to toivel dishes. 

  • Shoes may not be used on steps into the mikvah waters.

We want to make this as convenient and easy as we can, but availability is constrained. Please understand that we are a very small organization run largely by volunteers and will do our best to meet your scheduling needs. 

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