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Mikveh Attendant Rotation


Revised: 5.16.24

Still have questions?

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1 / How do I make an appointment?

You will use our Mikvahcloud app, same as before. Click here or click on any of the 'book appointment' buttons on the site. You can also pay using Mikvahcloud (yes, they spell it differently than we do) or bring cash or check with you when you visit.

2 / Who can see my appointment?

We understand the privacy and sensitivity of mikveh use. The only person who can view your appointment is our coordinator, who is responsible for communicating with users and attendants. Feel free to tell our coordinator if you need a different attendant than whomever is on duty for your scheduled visit and we will do our best to accommodate you.

3 / Who can serve as an attendant?

Mikveh attendants are Torah- and mitzvah-observant women from the West Hartford Jewish community who wish to help others perform this important mitzvah. All attendants are screened and trained before beginning their service.

4 / Can I see who will be my attendant in advance?

Yes! The morning of your appointment, you will receive an email from the mikveh coordinator with information about your attendant. If you would like to inquire about your attendant sooner, email


As mentioned above, if you need to request a different attendant, the coordinator can make arrangements.

5 / What if I want to request a different attendant?

We are committed to providing every woman a comfortable, positive, dignified experience at the mikveh. In the event you require a different attendant, email and she will discreetly take care of it. 

6 / When is the latest I can make an appointment?

We request that you reserve as early as possible before your immersion so we can plan accordingly. Please book by 10:00 PM the evening before - you can always change your appointment if necessary. 

7 / What happens if I'm running late or need to cancel?

You will have contact information for the attendant on duty. Please contact her for any updates.

8 / How do I pay for an appointment?

If you wish to pay electronically, you may do so from the Mikvahcloud app. At the mikveh you may pay with cash or check only.

9 / Who do I contact with halachic questions?

Please direct your question to your local community leader who have the training and experience to handle such matters. Here is contact information for the local Orthodox communities:

Rabbi Shaya Gopin (Chabad) 718-974-9393

Rabbi Yitzchok Adler (Beth David) 860-236-1241

Rabbi Tuvia Brander (Young Israel) 561-271-4148 

Yoetzet Halakha Ruthie Brafman Shulman (Young Israel) - 484-430-4848

10 / Who is the best person to contact if I have any questions, concerns or need to report a sensitive matter?

Users may confidentially contact our President, Shira Eliassian (, 310-867-4983) or Director, Jennifer Klau (, 860-419-5175). 

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